Handcrafted picture frames from a small Tucson studio dedicated to using traditional woodworking techniques to make frames from scratch that feature the beauty and authenticity of solid hardwood and designs inspired by Tucson’s unique history and culture.

Our Frames

Find out about our handcrafted, solid hardwood frames inspired by Tucson’s enduring design history, then check out our curated selection of pre-finished styles and closed corner frames made by artisans around the world.

Framing Services

We provide complete and expert preservation framing for your paintings, prints, drawings, posters, photographs and memorabilia. We believe the frame must serve the picture by protecting it and aesthetically enhancing it.

Who is Irvin?

A picture framer since 1997, Irvin Stafford founded the Stafford Framing Company in 2019 to provide a framing service unique in Tucson: traditionally joined solid hardwood frames, custom finished by hand with the convenience of on-site service.

“I see frames as custom display settings, environments designed for the picture to belong in, serving as a stage to put the art in the spotlight.  Frames also serve to bring the things that really speak to us into our daily lives, acting as important visual bridges from the things we love to the spaces we live in.”

-Irvin Stafford, C.P.F.

“Framing is as much an art as any picture-making. With incredible knowledge and skill, Irvin gave a personal touch to my diploma using specialized techniques of hand-drawn lines–powerfully impactful in their understated elegance. I could not be happier with Irvin’s service, professionalism, and friendliness.”
-Michael A.