I make handcrafted picture frames at my home studio in Tucson, Arizona.  I’m dedicated to using traditional woodworking techniques to make frames from scratch with the beauty and authenticity of solid hardwood and with designs inspired by Tucson’s unique history and culture.

My Frames

Making my frames from scratch out of solid hardwood means you and I can design every aspect of your unique frame, from its species, profile, stain color and finish to the joinery used for the corners and other optional elements that will make it feel at home in any home.

Framing Services

I created the Stafford Framing Company to provide expert preservation framing for your paintings, prints, drawings, posters, photographs and memorabilia. A frame’s first job is to protect and enhance its picture.

About Me

Originally from Tucson, Irvin Stafford spent 21 years in New York City working as a picture framer.  In 2019, he moved back to his beloved Old Pueblo to care for his aging parents and to pursue his dream of making high quality frames for the art and people of Southern Arizona.

“I believe you are what you frame, that what you choose to display on your walls tells the world what you value, just as putting something you love in a frame can elevate it to fine art.  The things you hang in your space confront you every day and become a part of your daily thought process until it’s essence becomes yours, for if it’s true that out of sight means out of mind, the reverse is surely true.  I think we have the power to change ourselves by changing what we look at and think about every day.  Your framed artwork should inspire you.”

-Irvin Stafford, C.P.F. (Certified Picture Framer)

“Framing is as much an art as any picture-making. With incredible knowledge and skill, Irvin gave a personal touch to my diploma using specialized techniques of hand-drawn lines–powerfully impactful in their understated elegance. I could not be happier with Irvin’s service, professionalism, and friendliness.”
-Michael A.