About the Stafford Framing Company

Our mission is to make beautiful frames well.

To produce picture frames that are durable in both style and craftsmanship that celebrate natural materials and are finished with the resonant beauty of natural oils, patinas, waxes and pigments.

To work with integrity help Southern Arizonans create inspired places to live and work while displaying and protecting the pictures they love.

A professional picture framer since 1997, Irvin Stafford founded the Stafford Framing Company in 2019 and gave Tucsonans an alternative to conventional frame shops with in-house designs that are custom made by hand and from scratch in our workshop. Our design approach starts with the belief that a picture can only be well framed if it’s in a well made frame, so we make our in-house frames to be well designed and crafted in beautiful solid hardwood. We provide not only a broad array of our own versatile, tried-and-true designs as well as frames from artisans around the world, but we offer an unparalleled ability to frame to the picture with unlimited possibilities for unique new designs in perfect harmony with, and alive to, the specific characteristics of each picture.

We are not only a full-fledged custom frame shop but a complete woodworking shop, where we work with beautiful hardwoods to make frames by hand, using classic furniture-making techniques adapted to the particularly refined and precise demands of picture frame-making.

By taking the approach of combining framing design and crafting of frames in one small shop, the Stafford Framing Company uses a “new-old” model for custom framing, returning to the pre-industrial era of picture framing before it became a big business, thus allowing us to produce truly inventive framing designs.

Though we specialize in styles inspired by Tucson’s design and architectural history, we embrace the timeless unity of art and craft, an approach that transcends particular styles, offering you the opportunity to place your picture in the perfect setting — a setting that will endure in both design and craftsmanship.


Irvin Stafford started working in custom framing in Tucson while attending the University of Arizona.  Upon graduation in 1997, he moved to New York City where he spent 22 years framing, including being hired to start a frame shop from the ground up in Brooklyn and managing it for 11 years. In 2014, he earned his CPF (Certified Picture Framer) designation from the Professional Picture Framer’s Association (PPFA) at which he won a chapter level framing competition in 2017 (Read more here).  In 2019, he brought his love of framing back to Tucson and, working with his father Marvin as woodworking consultant, started his next chapter by founding the Stafford Framing Company with the goal of creating inspired places to live and work with frames that display and protect the pictures Southern Arizonans love.