I work directly for individuals like you who are looking for honest, made-to-last frames to protect, enhance and honor their most treasured pictures. Whether they’re artists, serious collectors or just individuals who simply appreciate the things they look at every day, my clients care deeply about the pictures they live with, and seek a refreshing alternative to the frames sold by conventional frame shops.

People also come to me because they appreciate the art of the frame and how it reflects the care they feel for their pictures. They understand that the frame provides the connecting link between the picture and the space it hangs in and is critical to creating a unified and harmonious decor. While I’ve made a specialty of framing for both traditional and eclectic Tucson homes (Spanish Revival and Mid-Century Modern interiors for example), My shop’s versatility appeals to anyone who loves wood, fine craftsmanship, and harmonious design.

Read below what my customers have to say about my shop. And if you’re a customer of mine with a review to add, please feel free to post it to Google here or send it to me using the form on the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

Reviews for Stafford Framing Company

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“Frame is well crafted and beautiful. Was a pleasure and a delight to put our newly framed painting up to showcase.”

-Karen R.

“Very professional. Handmade frames complimented our Warhol and Dali lithographs beautifully. Pricing is reasonable and turnaround time was great! Couldn’t recommend more highly!”

-Charles E.

“Irvin does an amazing job framing and is extremely knowledgeable. I spent two hours with him picking out frames for one painting, and he did such a phenomenal job he framed another three paintings for me. My artwork is augmented by the frames and look as if they are museum quality. I am so happy with Irvin’s work.”

-Mara B.

“I definitely made the right choice to have Stafford Framing Co. design and customize my frame. I wanted a nice frame for my canvas print. The outcome was absolutely amazing. I was quite taken with the quality and workmanship by Irvin Stafford. Irvin is very talented and knowledgeable with his framing technique. He explained in detail all that is involved during each phase of the making of my frame. He also kept me updated by emails and pictures along the way. Irvin cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to make sure you will be happy with his work and product. I would highly recommend Stafford Framing Co. to anyone who is looking for a quality custom made frame. Thank you, Irvin for a job well done!”

-Brenda E.

“Irvin is a consummate professional: he has a creative, artistic mind, he knows his materials, he’s passionate about his work, and he enjoys individually working with his customers. His attention to detail, color, and material choice is exceptional. Irvin ensures that he has ample time with each client in order to discuss framing choices, placement of the piece, long-term care of the product, even options available relating to how your piece should be properly hung. Irvin will carefully guide you through the selection process and you will quickly recognize his craftsmanship and attention to detail when he presents you with your finished product in a timely manner. I highly recommend Stafford Framing Company!”

-James F.

Irvin Stafford has framed four works for me in the recent past (two oil on canvas, two glass and mat). They have all been exceptional! His approach to framing is personalized and highly professional, and each time we meet, he discusses the piece with me, and then begins his art: the selection of materials, the paint and other application(s) that make his frames precise, unique, durable, and beautiful. I am very happy to have found him, and will definitely be back with additional pieces.

-Shannon D.

“Irvin’s wide ranging knowledge of matting and framing materials and techniques is rather mind boggling. He is an art major, and his love of what he is doing is immediately obvious to a customer. In fact, he’s an art professor operating in natural desert surroundings rather than in a classroom. His joy is infectious.”

-Connie S.

“Stafford Framing is where you need to go if you need a quality frame. We were looking for museum quality frame that would protect our art and look good too. Acid free, UV protected, removable adhesive. Irvin knows his stuff and will give a custom experience to make sure you get the frame you need. Impeccable craftmanship and attention to detail.”

-Tom F.

“Irvin’s exceptional woodworking skills result in frames that will last and continue to look fantastic over the years (no separating seams at the corners!). Built from scratch, not from supply house.”

-Dennis T.

“One man shop with a background in art. Most frames are custom stained. A real craftsman. More expensive than production frame shop, but worth every penny. He spent a lot of time explaining his processes and products. Irvin Stafford is a very interesting guy; I enjoyed our conversations. I strongly recommend Stafford Framing for anything that will be prominently displayed and/or needs special attention.”

– John C.

“This is one of the best framing jobs I have ever seen. Irvin brought the piece to life and I can tell he is an artist. Thank you Irvin, so much for doing such a terrific job and I know we are going to be using you again very soon!! Highly recommended Stafford Framing Company for all your framing needs!”

– Tucson Reviewer

“It was a pleasure working with Irvin to frame our piece. He was very helpful with choosing the wood, design and colors for the frame and mats. He helped us explore several options and explained the benefits of each option. He was professional and personable. The end result, while a bit more than we intended to spend, was well worth the expenditure. It came out even better than we’d hoped! Thanks Irvin!”

– Christine R.

“100% recommend Stafford Framing to anyone interested in a frame beyond what you can just pick off the shelf. — I purchased a vintage poster from a local art fair and felt like it needed something more than a cookie-cutter frame from Michael’s and the like. Came across Stafford Framing and was intrigued by the custom, handcrafted framing services they offer. Irvin answered the call and it was immediately apparent that he knew his stuff. He offered the detailed, custom experience I was hoping for. After my initial consultation, not only was I confident we settled on something that would look great for the piece, I also learned about the craftsmanship behind the product and the level quality Stafford Framing puts into their work. The result was far above my expectations.”

– D. Garrett

“If your looking for the best framing company in Tucson, you found them. Irvin’s quality and attention to detail is unmatched!”

– Nathaniel T.

Reviews from my Brooklyn clients

“I was looking for someplace to have 3 art photographs framed – what a great find! Irvin is amazing. He is knowledgeable, talented and intuitive. And patient, and with me, you kind of have to be.  I don’t know anything so I ask a lot of questions – HA! He looked at what I brought in, asked all the right questions and helped me find the perfect framing materials from the frames themselves to the mats and the glass. He went over every detail of the process with me and I could not be more pleased. And let me tell you I was absolutely overwhelmed when I saw the sheer number of frame choices, but he zeroed in on what would look best with the 3 different pieces.  I was very happy with the price, and in this case the old adage of you get what you pay for definitely applies. This is quality work. I highly recommend Irvin for framing whatever it is you need to have framed.”

– Bob B.

“…Irvin added immense warmth to an important but otherwise generic diploma of mine. Framing is as much an art as any picture-making. With incredible knowledge and skill, Irvin gave a personal touch to my diploma using specialized techniques of hand-drawn lines–powerfully impactful in their understated elegance. I could not be happier with Irvin’s service, professionalism, and friendliness.”

– Michael A.

“…I always appreciate the fact that Irvin takes the time to gain insights into how and where I plan to display my pieces and does not simply try to sell off stock in the store. His professionalism always takes pride of place and helps me in my final selections…”

– Ernest S.

“…Irvin will spend as much time as needed to help pick out just the right frame, glass, and mats. He has excellent taste, a lot of patience, is very detail-oriented, and his guidance has been priceless. It’s obvious that he loves what he does. A large needlepoint I had worked on for a long time needed stretching and framing and I didn’t hesitate to leave it with Irvin – I knew he would handle it with TLC.”

– Anne R.