We work directly for individuals like you who are looking for honest, made-to-last settings to protect, enhance and honor their most treasured pictures. Whether they’re artists, serious collectors or just individuals who simply appreciate the things they look at every day, our customers care deeply about the pictures they live with, and seek a refreshing alternative to conventional frame shops.

People come to us because they appreciate, too, the art of the frame and how it reflects the care they feel for their pictures. They understand that the connecting link the frame provides between the picture and the space it hangs in is critical to creating a unified and harmonious decor. While we’ve made a specialty of framing for the traditional Tucson home (Spanish Revival and Mid-Century Modern interiors), our versatility appeals to anyone who loves wood, fine craftsmanship, and harmonious design.

Read below what our customers have to say about us. And if you’re a customer of ours with a testimonial to add, please feel free to send it in using the form on the contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

“I was looking for someplace to have 3 art photographs framed – what a great find! Irvin is amazing. He is knowledgeable, talented and intuitive. And patient, and with me, you kind of have to be.  I don’t know anything so I ask a lot of questions – HA! He looked at what I brought in, asked all the right questions and helped me find the perfect framing materials from the frames themselves to the mats and the glass. He went over every detail of the process with me and I could not be more pleased. And let me tell you I was absolutely overwhelmed when I saw the sheer number of frame choices, but he zeroed in on what would look best with the 3 different pieces.  I was very happy with the price, and in this case the old adage of you get what you pay for definitely applies. This is quality work. I highly recommend Irvin for framing whatever it is you need to have framed.”

-Bob B.

“…Irvin added immense warmth to an important but otherwise generic diploma of mine. Framing is as much an art as any picture-making. With incredible knowledge and skill, Irvin gave a personal touch to my diploma using specialized techniques of hand-drawn lines–powerfully impactful in their understated elegance. I could not be happier with Irvin’s service, professionalism, and friendliness.”

-Michael A.

“…I always appreciate the fact that Irvin takes the time to gain insights into how and where I plan to display my pieces and does not simply try to sell off stock in the store. His professionalism always takes pride of place and helps me in my final selections…”

-Ernest S.

“…Irvin will spend as much time as needed to help pick out just the right frame, glass, and mats. He has excellent taste, a lot of patience, is very detail-oriented, and his guidance has been priceless. It’s obvious that he loves what he does. A large needlepoint I had worked on for a long time needed stretching and framing and I didn’t hesitate to leave it with Irvin – I knew he would handle it with TLC.”

-Anne R.






9941 N. Placita Papalote
Oro Valley, AZ