SFCo. provides complete custom framing service

I provide, in my home showroom and workshop in Oro Valley, complete and expert preservation framing for your paintings, prints, drawings, posters, photographs and more. While beautiful materials and craftsmanship are indispensable, the frame must serve the picture by protecting it and aesthetically enhancing it. With more than 25 years in the industry, I take pride in my expertise as a complete framer.  From design, to frame-making, to properly fitting the picture into the frame in a suitable, protective package, every framing project is executed with knowledge, care and expertise.


The true test of a frame is how well it suits the picture. Design is an integral part of the service I provide so that you can be confident that the frame I make for you is the right frame. Because frame design involves careful and subtle considerations as to color, proportion and form, the ideal arrangement is for us to meet personally and work together in my showroom where you can see all my corners and framed samples in person, or we can meet online for a virtual consultation, preceded by telephone and email correspondence referring to our online catalog.  I understand that display context is important so, if preferred, I can come to you for an in home design and consultation, within Pima county, Arizona, to make sure that your newly framed artwork fits into the intended environment.

To get a better idea of my design sense, view our Past Projects page…


As much as the materials you use matter, true preservation framing is more about what you do with them.  While I provide u.v.-filtering and anti-reflective glass and acrylic and use only acid and lignin-free matting and backing, what’s more important is my skill in the proper handling of valuable artwork and use of contemporary preservation framing techniques.  I am a Certified Picture Framer (C.P.F.) accredited by the Professional Picture Framer’s Association by passing a rigorous exam covering all aspects of caring for artwork including the selection of framing materials and the techniques needed for fully-reversible preservation framing.  Since scientific knowledge and best practices are ever evolving, I stay up to date with recertification courses (latest in April of 2022) to make sure my knowledge is always current.  Additionally, I know how to recognize damage that calls for conservation work and partner with professional conservators to address those problems for you.  In summary, Stafford Framing Company provides personal and individualized attention, no-nonsense design, and framing of unsurpassed beauty, things I set out to offer when I started this frame-making workshop, unusual in the industry and unique in Southern Arizona.

Frequently asked questions

Who are my customers?

I work directly for individuals like you who are looking for honest, made-to-last frames to protect, enhance and honor their most treasured pictures. Whether they’re artists, serious collectors or just individuals who simply appreciate the things they look at every day, my customers care deeply about the pictures they live with, and seek a refreshing alternative to conventional frame shops. People come to me because they appreciate, too, the art of the frame and how it reflects the care they feel for their pictures. Also, they understand that the connecting link the frame provides between the picture and the space it will hang in is critical to creating a unified and harmonious decor. While I’ve made a specialty of framing for the traditional Tucson home (Victorian, Spanish Revival and Mid-Century Modern interiors), my versatility appeals to anyone who loves wood, fine craftsmanship, and harmonious design. Read testimonials here…

What kinds of items do I frame?

I get framing orders for everything from the ordinary and commonplace — inexpensive posters, family photos and certificates — to the extraordinary and rare — historically significant oil paintings, artifacts and works on paper. I also frame textiles, and have created shadow boxes for objects such as vintage tool collections, African masks, etc.  In short, I frame whatever you treasure, as long as it can reasonably be hung on a wall.  Browse my Past Projects to get an idea of the range of what I do.

How much does it cost?

Custom preservation framing jobs start at $200, using my simplest and smallest frame.  Frames for paintings are typically more, but my tastes being relatively simple, even important and large paintings often receive a fairly plain treatment. A 2″ wide white oak frame with your choice of stain, for example, on an 16″ x 20″ canvas, is $350. Hand-carved compound frames at that size, though, would start at around $800. Prices reflect the exceptional and enduring value of custom closed-corner, solid hardwood frames hand-crafted in a small studio. Also keep in mind that my design approach often saves customers money: economical design often leads to economical price. Whereas many frame shops shamelessly up-sell their customers to a showy, overblown presentation that’s often trendy and seldom wears well, I take a very direct, restrained and self-effacing approach based on timeless principles. A well-framed picture should never have to be framed again. You save money by framing it once and framing it right!

How long does it take?

Most custom orders are completed in 3 weeks from the time they’re placed. Occasionally delays occur. However, I am almost always able to positively commit to and meet firm deadlines.

Can I be confident in how my work is handled?

The job of the framer begins and ends with caring for the artwork. Your work will be in the hands of an experienced professional, accustomed to the demands and expectations of an intelligent clientele devoted to the preservation of fine art — artists, galleries, and serious collectors.