Welcome to the heart of the website—a virtual picture framer’s showroom, displaying a huge array of samples of our scratch-made frames and of our curated selection of designs by other artisans.  With our in-house frames, there’s a difference: rather than representing a finite and standardized offering of what we make, it represents examples of what we have made—the result of our mission to approach picture framing as a living art form, fed primarily by the needs of our customers to make ideal settings for the pictures they bring us for framing.  From the minimalist, natural beauty of our decorative hardwood frames to the history and character of the our antiqued styles, every frame is not only a carefully joined and finished piece of real woodworking, but is thoughtfully designed to enhance, sustain and amplify the spirit of the picture it’s made to house. For this reason it is closely linked to the Past Projects section and the examples there of what really matters in the art of frame-making—how the frame serves the picture.

Most customers looking to frame their pictures will quickly become overwhelmed by the choices here, so please understand that as a virtual showroom the catalog is made to serve in the same way as our real showroom—a place for us to work with you, the customer, to design the right frame for your picture. While I hope you enjoy exploring our work—and we’re certainly happy to make for you any of the designs you find on these pages—I do not expect you to use the catalog to figure out for yourself which frame to choose. Rather, it’s intended as a design tool for you and me to use together to come up with something new—the right frame for your unique picture and home. Our design service is absolutely integral to the product, as the test of a frame is in how well it serves the picture. The expert joinery of our frames is matched by our joinery of art with craft.

Solid Hardwood Frames

Made popular in the Modern period of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, these are decorative hardwoods like walnut, oak and maple, milled in squared-off, steamlined shapes and finished clear to bring out the beauty of the grain inherent to each species or stained to a specific color.  They let nature’s grain patterns enhance your artwork and interiors.

Hand Painted Frames

Not relying on any historical precident, the Tucson Pops frames are hand painted, carved or textured with inspiration drawn directly from the picture or object being framed. Our imaginations are the limit when designing a one of kind frame with perfectly matched colors and unique textures and shapes chosen to best compliment your art.

Other Closed Corner Frames

We also work with a group of other closed corner frame makers, including leather-clad frames made by saddle-makers in Peru, frames made of welded aluminum and steel, futuristic frames routed out from solid sheets of lucite as well as period frames gilded in precious metals.

Antiqued Frames

Made to the same standards of joinery as our other hardwood frames, these are distressed in a variety of ways and given an antique patina so they will be equally at home in rustic and traditional interiors.  Variations include stains that reveal the natural wood grain and an antique Dutch black finish suggesting centuries of use.

Pre-Finished Moulding Styles

We represent with a select group of manufacturers from around the world that make beautiful and unique styles that we love, an eclectic selection of textures, colors and materials that are hard to find elsewhere in Tucson.